Foundations of Pistol Marksmanship

“This class was a joy to take! I learned more than I expected and enjoyed every minute. The instructor is
one of those rare commodities – an expert who can teach at whatever level the audience calls for.” – Tom A.

“As someone with years of experience with rifles, but with almost no prior experience with handguns, after
taking this class I feel just as confident in the safe handling and operation of handguns as I do with rifles.” – David K. 

Cost: $150. $25 deposit required to enroll. (Family and group rates available)

Time Required: 4 hours. (+4 hours for Basic Firearm Safety Training required)

Method: Hands-on instruction.

Included: Learning materials, textbooks, ammunition for our firearms if used, personalized practical exercises and personal range instruction.

Training Objective: Achieve 100% confidence in your knowledge, skills and attitude for safe ownership and handling of modern pistols (revolvers and semiautomatic). Demonstrate safe pistol handling and pistol marksmanship.

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Our Basic Firearm Safety Training Course is a requirement before taking this course. This course is a hands-on shooting course which will result in NRA Basic Pistol Certification. After completion of this training you will know everything you need to know to confidently purchase, use, maintain and store modern pistols (revolver and semiautomatic).

This is an excellent hands-on class for first time gun owners of all ages.

Clients will complete live fire training and a national standardized shooting qualification with an instructor who has over 30 years shooting experience. RFOA will provide firearms and ammunition if you are using our firearms during the training at no additional cost. If you are using your own firearm you will need to purchase a minimum of 100 rounds in the appropriate caliber. While this training is designed for the new gun owner in mind, it meets all the necessary requirements for concealed carry in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Our instructors will remain until our clients feel they have mastered the Foundations of Pistol Marksmanship lessons.

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