Basic Firearm Safety Training

“Tom is a very knowledgeable and experienced firearm instructor. His approach to gun ownership and
safety principles provide sound advice for responsible firearm handling for new and experienced individuals.
I would recommend his courses for anyone interested in becoming more responsible and knowledgeable.” – Joseph D.

                                                “Every skill set (from novice to expert) will learn something from this course.” – Chris D.

Cost: Free.

Time Required: 4 hours.

Method: Hands-on instruction.

Included: Learning materials, personalized practical exercises.

Training Objective: Achieve 100% confidence in your knowledge, skills and attitude for safe ownership and basic maintenance of all firearms.

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Responsible Firearm Owners of America provides practical firearm safety training to our clients. After completing our Basic Firearm Safety Training Course you will have 100% confidence in yourself regarding safe gun ownership and basic maintenance of most common firearms.

RFOA does not believe every gun owner needs or wants to achieve tactical proficiency. RFOA also believes that no amount of online training can replace hands-on training in firearm safety. RFOA believes most gun owners just want to be able to safely handle, operate, clean and maintain their firearms but have no intention of shooting them on any regular basis.

This is a foundation course specifically tailored to youths, new gun owners, those considering purchasing firearms or anyone who wants to overcome their fears regarding firearms. This course is tailored to all ages and physical abilities.

This course alone is not sufficient to meet the concealed carry requirements in most states, it is designed to provide potential new gun owners, actual new gun owners and youths with the knowledge, skills and attitude to safely own and maintain firearms. There is no live fire training associated with this course. NO LIVE AMMUNITION WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM.

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