Defensive Handgun and Concealed Carry Mindset



Cost: $150. $25 deposit required to enroll. (Family and group rates available)

Time Required: 4 hours. (must have concealed carry permit for Commonwealth of Virginia)

Method: Small-group, hands-on instruction.

Included: Learning materials, personalized practical exercises and personal range instruction, all range fees included.

Training Objective: Increase clients knowledge, skills and attitude regarding the defensive shooting techniques, the concealed carry mindset, concealed carry responsibilities, law and obligations of concealed carry.

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You must already have your concealed carry permit for the Commonwealth of Virginia before being able to take this course. This course is a hands-on shooting course.

This is an excellent hands-on course for first time concealed carry owners and includes 2 full hours of shooting time on the range.

Clients will complete live fire training with an instructor who has over 30 years shooting experience. RFOA will provide firearms and ammunition if you are using our firearms during the training at no additional cost. If you are using your own firearm you will need to purchase a minimum of 200 rounds in the appropriate caliber.

Our instructors will remain until our clients feel they have mastered the Defensive Handgun and Concealed Carry Mindset lessons.

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